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Dr. Gabriella Treglia

photo of Gabriella Treglia

Gabriella Treglia specialises in twentieth-century Native American socio-cultural history. She is preparing a book on the so-called 'Indian New Deal' (1933-1945), in particular the education programmes and professed cultural tolerance implemented by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the gap between its pronouncements and policy implementation, and the reactions and responses from Native communities to these policies. Her further interests are in issues of cultural genocide, cultural perceptions of 'the Other', and Native decolonization, drawing upon archival, pictorial and oral history sources. She is a committee member of the Native Studies Research Network of the UK (NSRN-UK).

Key Publications

  • 2013 ''The Consistency and Inconsistency of Cultural Oppression: American Indian Dance Bans, 1900-1933'', Western Historical Quarterly 44, pp. 145-166.
  • 2013 ''Using Citizenship to Retain Identity: The Native American Dance Bans of the Later Assimilation Era, 1900-1933'', Journal of American Studies 47, pp. 777-800.


To contact Dr. Treglia about a possible Northern Bridge application, please email her at g.a.treglia@durham.ac.uk.