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Dr. Jennifer Luff

photo of Jennifer Luff

Jennifer Luff is a historian of US labour and politics from the Civil War through the 1950s. She is especially interested in the history of working-class conservatism, comparative state development, and the history of capitalism, as well as the history of machine politics and political organising. Her book Commonsense Anticommunism explored labour anticommunism in the interwar period. She has also published on workplace theft and the history of American detectives. Her current research examines streetcar politics and the contradictions of popular reform in the Progressive Era. Dr Luff recently led a collaborative digital history project that engaged undergraduate students and local activists in documenting the history of African American and Latino workers in Washington, D.C. (www.georgetownlaborhistory.org). Dr Luff has held postdoctoral fellowships at New York University, University of California, Los Angeles, and the Newberry Library.

Key Publications


To contact Dr. Luff about a possible Northern Bridge application, please email her at jennifer.luff@durham.ac.uk.