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Prof. Susan-Mary Grant

photo of Susan-Mary Grant

Susan-Mary Grant is Professor of American History at Newcastle University. Her PhD was from the Institute of United States Studies (London, UCL), and before arriving at Newcastle she taught at the universities of Kent, Essex and Middlesex. Her research focuses on the nineteenth-century United States, with a particular focus on nationalism between 1820 and 1920. Her first book explored the concept of northern nationalism in the antebellum era from a mainly social and political perspective. Her current research is developing this subject, with a particular focus on medical history and Civil War veterans, into the early twentieth century.

Professor Grant is a Fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society, and is the current Chair of the British American Nineteenth Century Historians' organisation: http://www.br-anch.org/

Key Publications


To contact Prof. Grant about a possible Northern Bridge application, please email her at susan.grant@ncl.ac.uk.